Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We will not rent or sell or share your email with any third party, and we never have. However, we use third party analytics software from Google, Facebook and Kartra. In some cases, we may place a cookie on your side to enable us to better understand who is visiting our sites and how they use them.


We use cookies to enable you to have a better experience with our workshops, challenges and our content. We use those cookies to avoid showing you the same thing twice, for example.


We don’t serve ads to our site visitors using any third-party tools. When we run ads on Facebook, we may use audience data to serve you and people like you ads based on your visits to our sites. Facebook’s Data Policy provides much more information on how your Facebook data is used on their platform


At any time, you can opt out of hearing from us. You can always opt out of the collection and use of your information online.


We use Kartra to carry our email messages, and we’ll work with them in removing your name (and there’s an unsubscribe button in every email). Any texts can be stopped immediately via our text interface. All credit card processing is done with Stripe and we never see your data.


We work with many of our students in software like Zoom, and in those cases, a large amount of identifiable data is created and collected as part of the learning process. At any time, you can choose to no longer participate in the workshop or challenge, but your work prior to that point becomes a permanent part of the work that’s created by the group.


We’ll continue to educate, inform and work with our readers and students the best we can, and will update this page from time to time.